About The Trust

The mission of the Scholarship Trust is to provide financial support for graduates of Spaulding High School and the Central Vermont Career Center in their pursuit of post-secondary education and workforce training. Funding for the Trust comes through the generosity of alumni and community members who have given charitable gifts and bequests for the express purpose of supporting the students’ endeavors. 

The Board of Trustees works diligently to safeguard these endowments through prudent financial management. Investment guidelines and principles may be found in the Scholarship Trust’s Investment Policy Statement. The Trust is intended to be a perpetual trust thus ensuring the long-term viability of the Scholarship Awards Program.

Events for the Scholarship Awards Program are held annually and are the culmination of months of work. The Trustees prepare the awards list, verify award criteria compliance, and authorize the disbursement of the funds. The Trustees are not engaged in the selection of award recipients; the selection process is the exclusive responsibility of the school-based Scholarship Awards Committee. The Board of Trustees also administers multi-year scholarship awards, providing funds to our graduates within a five-year period of time.